Ryosuke Kiyasu (Japan) / Tulip / Larry Wish / IOSIS
9:00 PM21:00

Ryosuke Kiyasu (Japan) / Tulip / Larry Wish / IOSIS

In 1995 Ryosuke Kiyasu started his career as a drummer and experienced live performances in various bands. In 2003 he moved to Canada in North America in order to gain experience as a drummer and began to play solo with snare drums. Perform solo live mainly on the local jazz bar. Also, while living in Canada, he started hardcore band THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and worked as a drummer.

From 2004 after returning to Japan, he started grindcore band SETE STAR SEPT and free jazz band KIYASU ORCHESTRA, and has released numerous works and has performed various tours to countries around the world. From 2012, he is also working as a band of Keiji Haino, a drummer of FUSHITSUSHA.

As a solo snare drummer, the countries that have performed in the past span the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongolia.

Support by

Tulip - devout synth-grind

Larry Wish - Minneapolis-based musician/performer/visual artist

IOSIS - Electroacoustic Hardware Synthesis Composition

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Chris Forsyth and the Broken Mirror Motel Band/IOSIS/Cassini
7:30 PM19:30

Chris Forsyth and the Broken Mirror Motel Band/IOSIS/Cassini

BUY TICKETS HERE ($10 in advance/$12 at door): https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4278686

CHRIS FORSYTH and the Broken Mirror Motel Band is Doug McCombs (Tortoise, etc) on bass, Areif Sless-Kitain (Brokeback) on drums and Jaime Fennelly (Mind Over Mirrors) on keys.


Philadelphia’s CHRIS FORSYTH is a lauded guitarist and bandleader whose widescreen art-rock, fusing taut compositions and mercurial improvisations, has earned him a reputation as one of the most distinctive and critically acclaimed guitarists and songwriter/composers working today. It’s become commonplace to hear Forsyth’s name mentioned in the same breath as masters like Richard Thompson, Neil Young, and Television’s Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd.

Pitchfork called his music “a near-perfect balance between 70s rock tradition and present day experimentation,” NPR Music named Forsyth “one of rock’s most lyrical guitar improvisors,” the New York Times calls him “a scrappy and mystical historian… His music humanizes the element of control in rock classicism (and) turns it into a woolly but disciplined ritual,” and the Philadelphia inquirer says “ Forsyth is redefining the concept of the guitar hero in indie rock.”

His most recent release, the 75-minute double album masterwork All Time Present was released in April 2019 on No Quarter, and has been met with universal acclaim, with Uncut calling it “utterly compelling,” Mojo noting that “Forsyth’s brilliance and ambition conclusively overwhelm his influences,” and the The Guardian giving the record a "5 star” rating


Working primarily with hardware synthesis means and techniques, IOSIS creates gnarled soundscapes and lush atmospheric and ritualistic sonic experiences. Initially conceived as a fully improvisational entity, IOSIS has morphed into a flexible and malleable platform for expression that is equally capable and liable of operating from a strictly compositional or boldly improvisational approach. The music of IOSIS welcomes elements of drone, noise, and ambient musical forms and textures alongside more traditional compositional structures and considerations. Ultimately, IOSIS exists as as a for constant experimentation and redefinition of boundaries and perceptions of what is and what is not possible in musically performative and emotionally transmutational artistic practice.


Cassini is Steve Palmer, Matt Beachey, Andrew Haaheim, Matt Helgeson, and Miles McClain. Cassini performs improvisatory psychedelic motorik music rooted in material from Palmer's debut album on Dying for Bad Music and upcoming vinyl debut on Sunrise Ocean Bender/Deep Water Acres, retaining the experimentation and distillation/subversion of Americana influences of those records, but creating a sound wholly their own via a big-eared, collaborative stew. Solo or in collaborative mode, Palmer and Beachey have shared bills with Daniel Bachman, Ryley Walker, Daniel Romano, Circuit Des Yeux, Mind Over Mirrors, and Ty Segall.

"In the Twin Cities [Palmer] seems to have emerged already fully formed as a virtuoso player... well on his way to becoming a legend in his own right."
-Josh Keller, Reviler.org

"As a new addition to the ever-expanding realm of recent guitar anti-heroes, Palmer is one to watch."
-Tyler Wilcox, Aquarium Drunkard

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WICC Benefit! w/ GEAR (only show), Grogus, Dirty Junk, IOSIS
to Jun 1

WICC Benefit! w/ GEAR (only show), Grogus, Dirty Junk, IOSIS

- All money raised (minus $25 to the person doing sound) will be donated to the WALK-IN COUNSELING CENTER.
- WICC is located in an old house at 2421 Chicago Ave.
- WICC is a donation-funded nonprofit organization offering FREE and ANONYMOUS PSYCHOTHERAPY to the general public.
- If you walk into WICC at 1pm on Mon/Wed/Fri or at 6:30pm on Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs, you WILL be seen by a therapist.
- Free and anonymous = good, and REALLY good if you are experiencing barriers to receiving treatment ($$$, loss of insurance, shitty insurance, fleeing abuse, immigration stressors, excessive wait times, homelessness, stigmatization, and on and on).
- We aim to raise funds for WICC, promote their services and their role in helping MPLS meet it's mental health needs for the past 50 years, and to promote the power of talk therapy for anyone, no matter what you're dealing with!
- More info here: https://walkin.org/

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to Apr 7


An evening of ambient, drone audio and video performances hosted by Modus Locus in south Minneapolis. Lucid Dream will feature a collection of Twin Cities live hardware electronic artists welcoming spring with a night of magic and ritual.

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Drone Not Drones: The 6th Annual 28-hour Drone at The Cedar
to Jan 26

Drone Not Drones: The 6th Annual 28-hour Drone at The Cedar

DRONE NOT DRONES: The 6th Annual 28-hour Drone
A benefit for Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
January 25th at 7pm until January 26th at 11:00pm
$20 Advance, $30 Day of Show
Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1801342?utm_medium=bks

"An all-ages, 28-hour concert that celebrates the expansive world of drone music while raising funds for Doctors Without Borders." — Resident Advisor

For the sixth year in a row musicians from across the musical spectrum unite to create a continuous, uninterrupted, 28-hour drone of unified sound to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The experts at Wikipedia say "Drone music is a minimalist musical style that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeated sounds... It is typically characterized by lengthy audio programs with relatively slight harmonic variations throughout each piece compared to other musics."

Be part of a unique experience while supporting a just cause. Come by before work, after work, or both. Bring a pillow/blanket to make yourself comfortable. Spend the night with us.

We will be airing the entire performance on KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul and streaming online so you can enjoy it even if you can't be with us here in Minneapolis. Direct your browsers to dronenotdrones.com to watch the webstream, get an up to the minute schedule, listen to recordings of our previous drones, and donate directly to Doctors Without Borders.

We may feel powerless to stop the military industrial complex from spreading war. But we can spread peace if we drone on and on about it...

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HEAVY AIR - Three Rooms of Metal, Improv and Ambient/Noise Music
8:00 PM20:00

HEAVY AIR - Three Rooms of Metal, Improv and Ambient/Noise Music

Something a little different and over the top from your friends at Roar of the Underground, Ghost Trees and KFAI. Three full rooms of dark, heavy, experimental, light, airy, thoughtful and completely made up music happening all at once. 

Roar Stage:
The Blight: https://blastmeditation.bandcamp.com/album/the-blight
Promidal: https://promidal.bandcamp.com/
INHVMANITY: https://inhvmanity.bandcamp.com/

Ghost Stage:
mount curve: https://mountcurve.bandcamp.com/
Øasis (UK) [privatepole.com]
Mine: https://mineminemine.bandcamp.com/
IOSIS: https://iosisdrone.bandcamp.com/
Shadow on Glass: https://housepig.bandcamp.com/album/no-ritual
interior: interiorinterior.bandcamp.com

Improv Stage:
American Cream: https://realamericancream.bandcamp.com/
La Curandera & The Ritual: https://lacuranderandtheritual.bandcamp.com/
John Saint Pelvyn: https://johnsaintpelvyn.bandcamp.com/
watershed group: https://watershedgroup.bandcamp.com/

Jan 12, 8pm. $15 for all three stages

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CHUBTOBERFEST Night 1: Dream Crusher, Brandon Dvorak, IOSIS, Dirty Junk, CHUB
to Oct 4

CHUBTOBERFEST Night 1: Dream Crusher, Brandon Dvorak, IOSIS, Dirty Junk, CHUB

Dom & Papa Chizzy present:

Dream Crusher
Stand-Up by Brandon Dvorak
Dirty Junk

Super America Quartet
Trombone band
The Drug Budget

Ian Lehman
JT Bates
Cold Cut Combo

CHUB EP Release
New Primals

10/31/18 - Halloween
Porkesota (a Primus Tribute)
DJ John the Fisherman

9pm music
$5 cover 

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Comets Ov Cupid / IOSIS
10:30 PM22:30

Comets Ov Cupid / IOSIS

  • Grumpy's Bar & Grill - Downtown Minneapolis (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Comets Ov Cupid will be spacing out Grumpy's this June. Each Saturday June 2-23. Comets will share the bill with a different music group or project each night. This is music for the coming Aeon Ov Change! Sounds and lights to realign your mind.

June 2 10:30 Thunderbolt Pagoda / 11:30 Comets Ov Cupid
June 9 10:30 Beach Mountain / 11:30 Comets Ov Cupid
June 16 10:30 IOSIS / 11:30 Comets Ov Cupid
June 23 10:30 Michael Betz / 11:30 Comets Ov Cupid

Thunderbolt Pagoda https://www.facebook.com/ThunderboltPagoda/

Beach Mountain


Michael Betz

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